Jefferson Creek Plaza will be hosting a fundraiser for the Camp Pendleton Historical Society (CPHS); the military collection of John J. Burns, a Burns Family Partner, will be offered for sale.

John passed away almost five years ago and devoted much of his life to the art and history of the military, including building and hand painting military miniatures. The funds realized from the sale of his items at this fundraiser will be 100% donated to CPHS.

There will also be a book signing of SGT. Reckless by Robin Hutton and many from Camp Pendleton attending. Please join us go a lot of history and fun. Please contact Jennifer at 949-307-5023 with any suggestions on how you would like to participate. Thank you!

You can send a check to: Camp Pendleton Historical Society,
P.O. Box 5497, Oceanside, CA 92052.
Please make the check payable to "Camp Pendleton Historical Society".
And, indicate "Reckless Monument Fund" on your check.
Or, you can donate using the Reckless PayPal account:

more information on and a video featuring SSgt. Reckless...

The Camp Pendleton Historical Society is dedicated to preserving and broadcasting the rich and colorful history of the land that is now Camp Pendleton. Our interests span the entire history of the region, to include prehistoric times, native American culture, the Spanish mission era, the rancho story, and finally, Marine Corps ownership since 1942. We are especially proud of the work we have done to support various historical restoration projects and other historical programs aboard the Base, having raised and contributed some $50,000 for these efforts since 2005.